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22 Apr 20
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Bringing The Comfort Of The Indoors Outside
Garden furniture is becoming more popular than ever. Outdoor living has become an extension of indoor living, and today's garden furniture is a reflection of that. At one time, garden furniture consisted primarily of iron, wood or concrete benches, and wrought iron caf table and chair sets. Later, folding aluminum lawn chairs and lounges were the most common outdoor furniture.
21 May 20
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Carbon Monoxide Producing Appliances in Your Home
Most homes are susceptible to dangers of gas leaks. In our desire to keep temperature inside our homes at a comfortable level, we keep our windows shut most of the time and use layers of padding to seal our homes while we use air conditioning during summers and a heating systems during cold seasons.
20 Jun 20
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Direct Vent Fireplaces Can Add Warmth And Coziness To Your Home
Fireplaces are usually thought of as romantic and cozy. They are a wonderful way to take some of the gloom off of a cold winter. However, with traditional fireplaces, sometimes the romance and coziness is lost with all the maintenance they require. Direct vent fireplaces are an alternative to the traditional fireplace. They offer romance, warmth, and charm without all the hassle.
02 Aug 20
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Eco-friendly and Trendy Designs for Modern Hotels
With green living becoming more than just a matter of principle but rather, a lifestyle, people are trying to find ways to take their ideology on the road. One way they are doing this, is by lodging in eco friendly hotels.Because of the new demand for more environmentally friendly travel accommodations, businesses are taking heed.
11 Sep 20
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Essential Fire Safety Tips
The very best fire safety is fire prevention. It's important when cooking, or starting a fire in a fireplace, or using a space heater, to always be aware of the dangers and practice smart safety tips. Always read the directions of any equipment the first time you use it, and take precautions to avoid accidents - such as not allowing children to light candles or cook alone.
21 Sep 20
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Fall Home Maintenance Tips
Harsh winter weather can be hard on your home, and the cost of keeping a house warm during the winter months can be just as hard on your wallet. There are ways to reduce the cost of winter heating and avoid expensive repair bills caused by winter weather, however. Many of these problems can be avoided with a few simple fall maintenance jobs.
06 Oct 20
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Get Rid of Dust in Your Bookcases and Media Cabinets
Dust has a way of accumulating on nearly everything in your home, especially in your bookcases and media cabinets. This is especially true if you live in a place where it is common to leave a door or window open for a nice breeze.
17 Nov 20
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Heating Efficiency With Electric Baseboard Heaters
Do you have rising energy bills and you have no idea why? The problem might be with your home and not with your appliances. You might have electric baseboard heaters that are working fine, but approximately 31% of warm air can escape through walls, ceilings and floors.
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