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Heating your home may not be an issue during summer right now, but as soon as it is done, you will need to think about keeping your home cool. With the rising costs of heating oil going up every year, many people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes. The problem is that these alternative methods also have a greater risk of causing house fires.

11 May 20

There are so many living room design ideas out there that it can be really hard to decide on the right direction to go. Home dcor magazines offer plenty of ideas, as do home improvement shows. These tips are great for experienced interior designers, but what living room design ideas can the average person adopt to turn their house into a home. It's not really as difficult as it may seem.

22 May 20

If you have a fireplace in your house, then you should be aware that a screen will prevent any flaming embers from jumping out and causing a fire. With that said, you may want to consider getting a custom fireplace screen for our fireplace. The function of the screen is clear but customizing can really add to the look and appeal of the fireplace as well as the area it is in.

04 Jun 20

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05 Oct 20
Now that warm weather is almost here, you need to think about cleaning your fireplace one last time.
04 Nov 20
Approximately one-third of American homes have a fireplace to use and enjoy. So what about the other two-thirds of homes going without? Is there a product available that is easy to install and safe, which will provide warmth and ambiance to any room you choose? The answer is: Yes. Today, a new generation of vent-less fireplaces are available. They do not need a chimney or a flue to operate.
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16 Oct 20
All homebuyers want as much house for their money as they can get. Many buyers are looking for a larger home because they've outgrown their current one, and especially desire more closet and cupboard space as well as larger rooms.
18 Nov 20
There are items in every home that are precious for one reason or another. They may be expensive antiques, fine art, or treasured heirlooms passed down through the generations with very little material value. Regardless, they are pieces, which you showcase on the walls and in cabinets within your residence. Unfortunately, poor illumination can hide the items that you cherish.
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