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November 18, 2020
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Low Voltage Display Lighting Fixtures

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There are items in every home that are precious for one reason or another. They may be expensive antiques, fine art, or treasured heirlooms passed down through the generations with very little material value. Regardless, they are pieces, which you showcase on the walls and in cabinets within your residence. Unfortunately, poor illumination can hide the items that you cherish. Display lights emphasize the details of your prized possessions and bring them the attention they deserve.

What Are Display Lights?

Display lights are small fixtures used to illuminate pieces of art or other antiques and collectibles. The purpose of display lights is to bring out the natural beauty of the object. The best option for your collection will depend on what type of item you want to illuminate. The two main varieties include ceiling mounted for accenting artwork on walls and cabinet mounted for highlighting antiques within a shelved unit.
All Display Lights Are Not Created Equally

Hidden from view, the Phantom Contour Projector outlines the framed art over the fireplace with precision control. You might think that all display lights are basically the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you select the wrong product, you are liable to find yourself disappointed in the results. Phantom Lighting offers some revolutionary options that are so unique that they have received US Patents for their design. The Phantom Contour Projector is used to illuminate your treasured artwork. It uses a 75-watt MR16 halogen lamp, which was originally designed for the fiber optic industry. This unique projector dispels a 13mm circular diameter of illumination at the focal point, which is around 40mm from the lamp itself. This concentrated halogen illumination then wisps through a 13mm hole and helps to remove any left over radiance created by the lamp reflector.

The illumination is then redirected inside the projector housing. This condensed illumination, then passes through multiple Pyrex glass condenser lenses. These lenses trap the luminous source and augment the intensity of the illumination. The source then passes through a masking ring that houses the shutters or confinement plate and becomes reprocessed for distribution to your artwork through several 39mm, 75fl Pyrex glass focal lenses. These focal lenses are extremely versatile, allowing the individual to control the beam for focusing purposes and shaping the light to the contour of the object. This is the only lens within this fixture, which is not in a set position. It is for this reason that the Phantom Contour Projector stands out from their competitors.
More Phantom Magic

Phantom Strip Lights are used to accent displays within china cabinets. This system is extremely compact, so your collections will be the center of attention and not the lighting fixture. Phantom Strip fixtures are uniquely designed to fit within antique china cabinets without altering the piece. These display lights give the homeowner unique versatility, by allowing people to relocate shelves or items in their cabinet without the problem of working around exposed wiring. This adjustable shelf concept is special to Phantom strip lighting products and can be applied to all the different types of series (ex: VM, AC, CM, AE, HM, and TL), which Phantom offers.

Phantom Strip Lighting transformers a simple Butler's Pantry into a showcase for this spectacular crystal and silver collection.All Phantom display lights are custom designed to fit your cabinets perfectly. It does not matter, if you have adjustable shelves or fixed shelves in your cabinet. The type of material used to design the shelf will not make a difference either. Wood or glass shelves do not effect how the illumination is distributed. Phantom will design your luxury display lights to match your cabinet's features, while providing a scenic illumination backdrop to your treasured possessions, through the distillation of an even luminous source. The small transformers, which power the fixtures, will be clandestine to the naked eye also. Throw in a dimmer switch for your cabinet and watch Phantom's display lights entice your senses through their magical workings.
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