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November 17, 2020
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Heating Efficiency With Electric Baseboard Heaters

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Do you have rising energy bills and you have no idea why? The problem might be with your home and not with your appliances. You might have electric baseboard heaters that are working fine, but approximately 31% of warm air can escape through walls, ceilings and floors. Other places where you might be losing warm air is through plumbing fixtures, around windows and doors, through a fireplace and even your home's ductwork. Making sure that you have proper insulation and sealing can ensure the most efficient operation of your heaters.

Additional energy can be saved by making sure that the thermostat for your heater is properly set. At night when you are sleeping or during times when you are away from the house, you can turn the thermostat down to conserve energy. You should not completely turn off your heater, because it will require far more energy to restart it in the morning. If you leave for vacation, you can set the heater to its manual setting and set a temperature such as 60 degrees to keep it operating during your absence.

When you want to eliminate waste and save money, making sure that you maintain your heaters and ensure they are free of dust can help them operate more efficiently. Whenever there is anything that blocks the exhaust or air vents, it can cause your heater to need more energy in order to function. Of course, an Energy Star compliant heater will also help to save energy. You should also consider setting your heater to the anti-freeze feature, this will make sure that your heater turns on if the temperature in the room drops too low.

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

Most electric baseboard heaters provide energy efficient operation because they can maintain a set temperature in a room. The Fahrenheat Oil Filled Electric Baseboard Heater PHH15002 is excellent for maintaining warmth in rooms that are up to 150 sq. ft. in size. The PHH15002 comes with several safety features making it ideal for the living room, bedrooms and even an office. There are two heating levels, as well as an electronic thermostat that is built in to the unit. Additionally, the heater is simple to install and takes up very little space in your room.

If you have a larger space that you need to keep warm, the Marley Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater PLF504 is something you might want to consider. This unit is 28 inches in length and easily blends in with other furnishings. The PLF504 is designed to be mounted on a wall with enough elevation to allow for easy vacuuming underneath. This electric baseboard heater comes with proprietary technology that utilizes a freeze-proof liquid to keep a room warm.

When it comes to energy efficiency, heating a room that has nobody in it certainly does not make sense. The Dayton Portable Electric Baseboard Heater UG01 can provide efficient heating for any room in your home while solving this problem. The unit is stylish and compact, but also blends into any decorating scheme. Additionally, with a variety of safety features, the unit includes tip proof mechanisms as well as auto shutoff.

When you need a home heating system that is energy efficient, it is essential that you identify the type of heaters that are supported by your home, as well as the size of the space you need to heat. In order to ward off the cold of winter, a heating system that offers long term heating benefits, like baseboard heaters can certainly be advantageous.


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