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October 6, 2020
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Get Rid of Dust in Your Bookcases and Media Cabinets

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Dust has a way of accumulating on nearly everything in your home, especially in your bookcases and media cabinets. This is especially true if you live in a place where it is common to leave a door or window open for a nice breeze. So although your house may have everything in its rightful place and look great, it become frustrating when you notice that thin layer of dust that always manages to settle on nearly every surface of your bookcase. Aside from being unsightly, dust can irritate those with breathing problems and can irritate sensitive eyes.

A bookcase is an unassuming piece of furniture that one does not consider normally when dusting the coffee table, end tables, and fireplace mantle. A nice thorough dusting of your bookcase every now and then can keep your bookcase and its contents clean and clean looking.

Using an appropriate cleaning tool to eliminate dust is the most important part of clearing the dust from your home. A dry cloth or feather duster only has the tendency to move dust around or throw it up only to have it land somewhere else. The best tools for properly dusting your home would be a damp cloth or an electrostatic charge, like a Swiffer. Find the right tools will help to keep your home dust-free even longer.

With your proper cleaning tools in hand, start from the top down when dusting. Aim for the highest areas first because any loose dust will naturally fall downward onto other lower surfaces, so the top down approach is best. For example, when dusting a bookcase or cabinet, dust the very top of the piece of furniture first, then move down onto the next highest surface.

If you have a lot of items on your bookcase shelves, then you should consider removing them and dusting each item and then dusting the empty shelves before moving the items back. This helps to effectively clean all the nooks and crannies of your furniture so that dust has no where to hide. If you have a lot of media, such as DVDs and CDs on your bookcases, then make sure to give their cases a thorough dusting to keep them lasting longer and looking good. If you have electronics, like a CD player or iPod speakers, then make sure that they are dust-free as well. Dust that has accumulated into electronics can impair their ability to work, so a quick dusting will ensure that dust does not interfere with its performance.

If you have a lot of books on your shelves, you may notice that they become dust magnets. Remove the books from your shelves and carefully dust off the tops and covers of the book. Dust does have a way of accumulating on the tops of books and embedding itself into the grooves of the pages. You may choose to use a dry electrostatic cloth for dusting your books because a damp cloth can cause the pages to absorb moisture which may lead to mildewed pages.

If your bookcase has doors, then you should dust or wipe down the cabinet doors first, then follow the steps above to properly dust each shelf, then lastly, dust down the cabinet doors again. If your book case doors have glass pieces, then cleaning the glass with a glass cleaner should be your last step. A clean bookcase will keep your contents happy and it will help to keep the overall cleanliness of your home consistent.

If you are doing a thorough cleaning of your house, then vacuuming should be the very last step in the process. Although you may have used a damp cloth or electrostatic cloth to dust, there may still be some remnants, so a quick vacuum of your carpets and rugs can help to eliminate fallen dust.


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