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August 2, 2020
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Eco-friendly and Trendy Designs for Modern Hotels

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With green living becoming more than just a matter of principle but rather, a lifestyle, people are trying to find ways to take their ideology on the road. One way they are doing this, is by lodging in eco friendly hotels.

Because of the new demand for more environmentally friendly travel accommodations, businesses are taking heed. In fact, most have always tried to maintain a careful balance of technological innovation and a healthy respect for nature.

For instance, a handful of mainstream hotels use biodegradable materials such as organic detergents, for cleaning. Others put salt in their pools as opposed to chlorine or invest in fluorescent light bulbs. Still others donate some portion of their profits towards ongoing conservation efforts.

Going a Step Further
Although these measures are fantastic, eco friendly hotel builders could do even more by keeping green designs in mind when constructing their hotels. They may find that, in the end, the process is economically feasible and more inviting than they would have initially thought.

Some commercial architectural trends that lend to the green scene include:
- The use of solar panels - many of the more noteworthy green hotels have already begun to use solar and lunar panels to lower energy costs and output. This power may even heat their water supply providing an added level of eco consciousness.
- Creative use of local vegetation -- green foliage can be used to shade the surroundings and add a natural cooling agent to the hotel. A few hotels have taken this to new extremes allowing ivy and other creeping vegetation to climb the walls of their abodes. This also invites animals, like birds, to the area, adding a unique element to the design.
- Geodesic domes - green hotels with ceilings in the shape of geodesic domes can provide a greater distribution of warmth of cooling, especially when they are made with eco friendly materials like drift or harvested wood or organically manufactured cement.
- Timber cabins - timber cabins have a cozy rustic feel but can mimic many modern conveniences. They can, for example, build beautifully designed stone fireplaces and pump water in from local natural reservoirs.
- Open air Bungalows - eco friendly hotels in rainy climates can take advantage of nature's surplus by building roofing systems that collect rain water for use by visiting guests. Creative designs can help harness the local temperatures, which is regulated via solar and/or lunar panels as well.
- Adobe and Rock salt abodes: As rustic as it gets, these desert dwellings are surprisingly temperate and romantic. The structures are often lit with candles and oil lamps with large, open windows that capture day and nighttime breezes.

Indeed, Canadian conservationists can travel with ease knowing that there are a number of places where they can visit where they can continue to observe environmentally sound practices.

Look into Your Options
Before you take your trip, be sure to do your homework and look into the various green hotels that are located in the area you plan to visit. With a little effort, you should not only find eco friendly hotels but those that are budget friendly as well.


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