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June 20, 2020
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Direct Vent Fireplaces Can Add Warmth And Coziness To Your Home

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Fireplaces are usually thought of as romantic and cozy. They are a wonderful way to take some of the gloom off of a cold winter. However, with traditional fireplaces, sometimes the romance and coziness is lost with all the maintenance they require. Direct vent fireplaces are an alternative to the traditional fireplace. They offer romance, warmth, and charm without all the hassle.

These fireplaces are made of fabricated metal. Unlike traditional fireplaces, no chimney or foundation is required. It is vented through a wall or the roof. The heat radiates from the front glass panel.

Prices for these units vary depending on the particular features you desire. The more things you need, the more expensive it will be. You have to decide on the size of the unit you need. There are also trims and kits available with most models so that you can add your own touches. Whichever unit you purchase should be certified and meet all local codes.

There are many advantages to these fireplaces. Probably most important to most people is the fact that they burn very efficiently. This helps to keep energy costs down. They are fairly easy to install. They are healthier than traditional fireplaces because they are fueled by gas rather than wood. This means there is no wood smoke. Also since no wood is needed, you do not have to buy wood, carry wood, or clean up the ashes of wood. They put out a lot of heat depending on the size of your unit. They are inexpensive to operate.

A concern some people have is whether or not they will look like a traditional fireplace. Most units purchased today have a very realistic look. However, you can only tell if they meet your reality requirements by going to the store and looking at different models. Also check the flame height and the look of the logs to make sure they both look realistic.

The units are space savers because furniture can be placed much closer to it than to a traditional fireplace. Very little maintenance is needed. The glass will need to be cleaned and occasionally the burner compartment should be vacuumed. They are available with manual switches, remote controls, and some even have thermostats.

Direct vent fireplaces can add charm and warmth to your home. They also are less messy and more efficient than traditional fireplaces. They could be an excellent choice for your home.


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