Portable Fireplace

Portable Fireplace - an Ideal Solution for Small Spaces

Fireplaces of the past served one important function and that’s to provide heat to occupants of a home. Fireplaces of today, however, are used for several purposes other than heating. They’re also used for cooking as well as for beautifying a home.

But while some people may think that fireplaces are permanent structures, they have to think again. There are the so-called portable or free standing fireplaces which can be moved from one place to another. Perfect for small spaces, this type of fireplace comes in different styles and made from various materials such as glass, steel and cast iron.

The main advantage of a portable fireplace is that it requires zero clearance. This means that it can be placed into a wall without any clearance needed due to its already good insulation. This is also a more practical alternative as a homeowner does not have to spend for construction of a firebox, mantel and chimney.

Fire pits are small metal containers where one can build fire. They can be made from copper or cast iron and can even be brought outdoors when camping out in the woods or at the beach.

Stoves are considered the most efficient type of portable fireplace. Some of them especially the wood stove fireplaces have the same design as that of fire pits. Wood stoves, being small in size, can be transported indoors and outdoors where they are needed.

Gel fuel fireplaces are made of steel and utilize fuel gel that benefits both the environment and the people. It does not release smoke and other odorous elements and does not require the installation of a vent or chimney. Being a safe unit requiring little maintenance, this type is great for homes, apartments, condos and even offices.

Portable electric fireplaces are made of metal sheet with a chimney flue pipe, a hollow hearth part and a canopy section. Most of the parts can be dismantled. The hearth section features walls in the front, sides and rear, an electric heater and fan.

Propane fireplaces are ideal for camping purposes. Fire created from this type of fireplace is smaller compared to a usual camp fire but can still provide heat to people. And since it does not release smoke, it is considered a healthy option.

Patio heaters are another type of portable fireplace. This stand-alone unit features a dome top that efficiently releases heat in different directions. This is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and price levels.

Portable flue-less fireplaces now come in stylish designs that can complement whatever theme you have in your living room. The best part is that you can move this compact fireplace to any part of the house where you feel like getting cozy and comfy with your loved ones. The convenience these free standing units can give you is incomparable because you put them just about anywhere – on the floor, on your patio, on a shelf or even a table top and still enjoy the same warmth a permanent fireplace provides.


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