Fireplace Kits

How to Choose the Best Fireplace Kits

Different types of fireplace kits are available these days in the market that it can be hard for people sometimes to determine the best one to meet their needs.

There are kits just for indoor fireplaces or outdoor fireplaces and there are also those meant for wood or stone fireplaces.

Ideally, a kit should contain the main components that will help a homeowner build his own fireplace in the home.

Fireplace kits are recommended for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. It normally includes a firebox or what is also known as a smoke chamber, some firebricks or stones that will have to be installed together with the firebox, cement for masonry purposes and a fireplace damper.

Other accessories and step-by-step instructions on how to install the structure may be included as well. These fireplace kits have been tested and approved by government so theyre safe to use and install on your own.

Fireplace kits are available in different sizes, colors, types and styles. You can choose between the direct vent, zero clearance units and the vent-free types.

Vent-free units are perfect for small areas because you can place them just about anywhere. You can also purchase by type of materials and fuel depending on your preference. If you're building a fireplace for heating purposes to supplement your existing home heating system, then a vent-free gas fireplace kit is best.

For a traditional fireplace look, easy-to-install mantel kits are also available.

If you are a patient and creative homeowner who loves to always have a hands-on experience with regards to home remodeling works, then getting a fireplace kit would be very ideal.

It will let you enjoy big savings on labor plus it will give you a truly rewarding feeling afterwards. There are some important things to consider, though, before starting your project.

First, decide on the location of your fireplace whether youre placing it on a wall, a corner space or at the center of your living room. If youre planning on building a stone fireplace, then make sure that your floor has sufficient support underneath.

The next step is to measure the size of your room so you can select the model that is just right for your available space. It would be a great idea to bring a photo of your living room when buying your fireplace kit.

Do not forget to put up a ventilation system as well. This is particularly important if you are not getting a vent-free unit. Other factors you will need to take into account are the durability, safety and heating comfort that your fireplace kit can provide. One that is environment-friendly and can perform at its best for a long time would also be a good choice.

Many people would think that building your own fireplace may entail too much hard work and may take several days to complete. But the truth is that with a fireplace kit, any homeowner with the right tools and practical skills can install a fireplace in one weekend or even in a day or several hours.

No experience is necessary. All you need is just to assemble the parts and secure them with cement and voila, you will have a beautiful fireplace right away.

Fireplace Ideas: Design Pictures and Photos

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Fireplace Chimneys

Fireplace Chimney Savings: Annual chimney cleanings are best done in the off season where you can even get Summer Cleaning Special. Chimney cleaning discount of $ 25 to $ 50 might apply depending on the Chimney Sweep & type of wood fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove needing cleaning. Expect to see a cut off date as the fireplace heating season arrives like Sept. 15th.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screen Idea: Buying a removable screen will allow you to shift the screen away from the fireplace opening so you get the real feel and warmth of the flames while sitting in front of the fireplace. Return the fire screen when the fireplace is just getting going and embers are popping.

Fireplace Screen Options

Fireplace Screen: Alternate to buying a fixed screen, one can look for an upgraded fire screen version which has sliding screens which move left and right built into the screen's perimeter frame. Advantage of this type of fireplace screen is that you get the protection from the flying embers when closed and full feel of a wood burning fireplace when the screens are open.

Fireplace Natural or Propane

Fireplace Heat: Gas, Propane, Wood, Electric Fire Needed

Gas Fireplace: Winter has arrived earlier this year with a vengeance .. ice storm before Christmas and now cold arctic system has moved in after New Years with minus 24 degree weather. Gas fireplace is sure convenient and nice to have in the living room as the evening temperatures drop colder.

Electric Fireplace Idea

Colder than usual winter this year brings on the need and idea to maybe get extra heat in the house. Be it a cool basement or colder extra room ... fastest way to get some extra heat is with an electric fireplace as most are set and plug in format. Of course the colder the weather the faster electric fireplaces sell. Electric Dimplex models are displayed and sold at Home Depot and Lowes FYI

Fireplace Mantel Sea Bird Sculpture Accessory

Fireplaces Mantel Accessories: You can accessorize your fireplace mantel with a variety of treasured objects: family photos, colorful glass, books ... nice design touch can be a carving or wood sculpture as they add a dimensional quality to your mantel.

Fireplaces on Sale: Looking for an electric fireplace on sale? After January 15th or so many big box building stores are ready to clear out their fireplace inventory to make room for the garden season. Been holding off looking for a fireplace deal, January/February is time to make your move while there is still some selection

Electric Fireplace: Modern electric fireplaces models are now more long and narrow format, much like the HD and newest K4 TV LED screens? There are a number of buying decisions to be made when purchasing an electric fireplace.

If buying a wall-mounted fireplace, will you accept an electric fireplace installed "flush mounted directly to the wall". This means that the fireplace box will project from the wall. Depending on the fireplace model, this projection can be anywhere from 3-5 inches. You want to ask yourself, when you enter the proposed room, will you view the fireplace from the side? If so, you may find fire box venting and light leaks undesirable. Recess mounting into the wall is a more professional finished look and generally preferred but will involve greater remodel work to recess the firebox within the wall.

Fire Safety: Some clocks have just change with Spring forward ... Fall back. A good time to change your batteries in smoke dectors and carbon monoxide detectors.


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