Fireplace Insert

Put Your Fireplace to Work With a Fireplace Insert

For thousands of years, fire was the absolute best way to heat anything. People in the olden days used to use fire to cook food, keep warm, boil water and do just about anything else that required a stable source of heat. Now that we have entered the twenty first century, we no longer need fire in the way that our ancestors did.

Our ovens are usually electrically powered, our furnaces and hot water heaters may use natural gas to create a small flame, but that is a far cry from using an open flame to heat a pot of water.

Even appliances that once required fire such as your stove can now be replaced by electrical or induction heating equivalents that perform just as good. However, in light of all of this technological advancement in home heating solutions, you can now put fire to use once again as a sufficient home heating device.

Just when you thought the use of fire to heat your living space was practically dead, simply install a fireplace insert into your existing masonry fireplace to harness the ultimate heating potential of your gas or electric fireplace.

Think of the fireplace insert as a miniature fireplace. Something of a hybrid between a masonry based fireplace and a wood stove. While not used for cooking, a fireplace insert works perfectly as an excellent home heating device. Instead of allowing the heat from your fireplace simply enter the bricks or stone which surround your fireplace, an insert channels that heat into the room to act as a sort of space heater.

Most cheaper fireplace inserts use a simple piping method to ensure that your room is heated thoroughly, however if you are willing to spend a little more money to get a top of the line fireplace insert, you will find that it has built in fans and blowers to ensure that the heat you need is effectively moved throughout the room. With a fireplace insert installed in each fireplace in your home, you can quickly cut back on your heating bills – even during the coldest of winter months.


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