Direct Vent Fireplace

Understanding Direct Vent Fireplaces

Many of us used to think of a fireplace as having a chimney. This is true for the older structures but with newer and more modern units, there are now other options. One of these is the direct vent fireplace that does not require any chimney.

A direct vent fireplace usually vents sideways through a sidewall or upwards to the roof. It features an enclosed chamber that takes in outside air for combustion inside and then releases gases back outdoors. This type of fireplace uses gas for fuel which means it does not emit fumes or ash compared to the wood burning structures and it is very ideal for sensitive people.

With no need to cut and store wood and the absence of ashes or ember, people using the direct vent fireplace experience great convenience. When a couple or a family wants to get nostalgic on a cold autumn or winter night, for instance, they only have to switch on the direct vent fireplace or perhaps use a remote control to enjoy good heat. They do not cost much to use as well so homeowners can really avail of big savings.

Most direct vent fireplaces do not use electricity and are very efficient. Some units are capable of providing 70 percent of heat from burning fire. They make use of natural gas or propane for fuel and burns logs specially meant for use in direct vent units. Their venting system is composed of a pipe which is either a double-walled or pipe-within-pipe. The outer pipe is where outside air passes through in going into the fireplace while the inner pipe serves as venting to the outside part.

For homes with limited space, a direct vent fireplace is also perfect. Being a space saver that utilizes the zero clearance technology, this unit can be positioned near any kind of furniture without having to worry about causing any damage. It can even be inserted into a wall to allow more space in the room.

Compared to the masonry fireplace, direct vent fireplaces are easy and cheap to install as they require no foundation or a chimney or the special skills of a trained technician. They are prefabricated from metal which makes them long lasting. In installing the structure can be a do-it-yourself project but make sure that the instructions provided by the manufacturer are followed to the letter so the fireplace can properly serve its function.

Now as to whether the fire produced by direct vent fireplaces can compare with wood burning fire, the answer is yes it is very possible now. There are new models and artificial gas logs available today that can simulate the fire from burning wood complete with the crackling sounds and glow of flames. To find out more about these modern direct vent fireplaces, you can visit your local dealers and home stores.

When choosing your direct vent fireplace, verify first that it complies with the quality standard set by the American Gas Association (AGA). Determine also in what parts of the house they can be used such as in the living room, bedroom, study room or mobile home.


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